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The 1952 Junior Prime Minister and Riding on the Sweepstakes Float

In 1952, my brother Dennis Brandon was elected Junior Prime Minister for the Rose Festival.

Back in those days they had a complete Junior Rose Court that included both Princes and Princesses and a Queen and Prime Minister.

1952 Court dancing the Hokey Pokey
(The 1952 Junior Court dances the Hokey Pokey)

Beautiful little Alice Whitton was chosen as Queen and Dennis was her Prime Minister escort. Together with the Junior Princesses and Princes, they ruled over the Junior Parade and made many public appearances.

1952 Junior Queen and Prince

They also got to ride on a float in the Grand Floral Parade.

That same year I was chosen to ride on the front of the Meier and Frank float, which won the Sweepstakes award. It was titled "The Circus Comes To Town." I remember it was so much fun to ride and was a very long float.

Dennis and I also got to perform with brother Ron and sister Aloha with our singing act called The Brandon Four. We sang at almost all the functions where the Junior Court appeared. That year we were joined by the youngest Brandon sibling, Kathy, who officially made us the Brandon Five.

The Brandon Five in 1952

This was a very memorable Rose Festival year for our family! We've cherished the memories through the years and have since been to the Grand Floral Parade many, many times.

Dennis currently lives with lovely wife Lynn in Las Vegas, Nevada and is recently retired. Ron still lives in Portland and retired a few years ago from Blunt Chainsaw manufacturers. Aloha passed away in 2004 and Kathy and I live with our families in the Austin, Texas area.

We'll never forget our life in Portland -- and the wonderful memories of the 1952 The Rose Festival!

~Linda (Brandon) Lewis
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