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ani, glitter

Little Girl Not Thrilled to Win a Boy's Prize at 1958 Junior Parade

Pat, Norman and I entered the 1959 Junior Parade. We grew up in the Hollywood district where the Junior Parade took place, so we participated every year.

Pat, Mary and Norman Blevins

My other sister, Kathleen (not pictured) always entered the parade with a bicycle decorated with flowers.

Most years I entered as an 'Indian princess' in the Cowboys and Indians category.

Mary in 1958 -- with her ribbon and glove

Once -- when I was six (in 1958) -- I won a boy's haircut from a local barber! Then they decided to give me a boy's baseball glove instead -- I wasn't thrilled.

We also went to the Grand Floral Parade many times, but my favorite was the Merrykhana Parade [discontinued in 1973], which I believe is now the Starlight Parade [it was replaced by the Starlight Parade in 1976].

The Merrykhana was a fun parade and my favorite entry was one where they barbequed chicken wings on a float, put them into little waxed bags and threw them out to the crowd.

~Mary Blevins