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ani, glitter

Dad Rode in the Grand Floral Parade

I'm helping my Mom to move after my Dad passed away. (They lived in this home for 40 years.) We found my Dad's Multnomah County Mounted Sheriff's Posse uniform and boy did the memories surface!

One of my favorite pictures is of my Dad on horseback with his full regalia on. How proud I was to watch the Grand Floral Parade as he and the posse swept past riding tall in the saddle. These men would practice weekly to prepare for such events.

As I was looking through a trunk of Dad's papers I found a certificate issued by 1969 Rose Festival Queen Rhonda Anderson, who I went to high school with. (I read the obituary last week that she had also passed on.)

I'm one of those people cheering as the floats and marching bands pass by -- why not make the most of each moment and have the most fun we can now.

My motto is to see more parades -- and not on TV, but to out and LIVE!

I am happy to share any pictures or my thoughts.

Thanks. See you at the parade!

~Linda Bailey Dayton