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ani, glitter

Mom was Junior Queen in 1938

Our Mom, Diane Soles, was Junior Queen in 1938, from Joseph Lane Grade School. The Coronation took place in the auditorium of Benson High School and the float she rode in the parade was a beautiful butterfly float! Back in that era the festival was much more formal and elegant.

To this day we still have the beautiful dresses that Mom wore. We can remember our grandmother telling us the story about Grandpa putting Mom on his shoulders and parading her up and down Foster Road after she won because he was so proud of her. Mom often shared that exciting year that she reigned as the junior princess with us, sparking our interest in being part of Rose Festival activities -- especially the Grand Floral Parade.

Every year we find our spot in downtown Portland to watch the parade. One time I remember there were people throwing money out the windows of the downtown buildings into the street. My brother, sisters and I ran into the street to grab whatever we could get our hands on. It was great entertainment while waiting for the parade to start!

This Centennial year our family plans to visit the Rose Garden where Mom planted a rose bush to commemorate the Rose Festival for Southeast district #6 -- hopefully it's still growing and blooming!

Thanks for the memories Rose Festival!

~The Diane Soles Family