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ani, glitter

Mom was a Grand Floral Parade Flag Bearer in the 1950's

For many years my Mom, Dolly Ruble, was a member of the American Legion -- and some of the women were the flag bearers at the beginning of the Grand Floral Parade. I can remember my Mom marching in a white dress with a red lining and a large red rose on the front of her outfit. The women wore white hats with red or white plumes. My Mom was one of the smallest, so she usually marched on the outside, but she also carried the flag.

I can remember being so proud to see her marching in step with the other women! She was beautiful! In those days all parade spectators stood and were quiet for the color guard. At one time we had an 8 x 10 photo that I believe also appeared in The Oregonian, but I'm not sure if Mom still has that picture. But I do believe my Mom is the last one alive who was in that group. They marched for a number of years.

Mom still lives in Portland and now watches the parade on TV.

~Judy Rankin