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ani, glitter

She Gave Many Volunteer Hours to the Rose Festival Over the Years

In the fall of 1971 a new high school opened in the area, Lakeridge High located in Lake Oswego. It was the first new school in the area in years, and the Rose Festival Association asked the school to participate in the Grand Floral Parade.

In late spring of '72 the Lakeridge high school marching band began rehearsals and having members fitted for band uniforms. At the time I had a number of friends in the band and they told me they were going to be marching, but the school had no funds for a 'band banner.'

Thinking this wouldn't be a difficult sewing task, I solicited my best friend Audrey Ellenburg and we volunteered to created the school's banner. Many hours were spent on old Singer portable sewing machine as we crafted a banner that went across five street lanes! Then with then band marching behind us we carried our creation in both the 1972 and '73 Grand Floral Parades.

After graduating high school I went to Portland State, where all four years I continued to volunteer. As a member of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority we worked many hours building floats. Each year we were also on the guest list to help entertain the Canadian ships when they came to port with their officers in training, fellow college students. The highlight each year would be to drive a rental car one way to Astoria so we could board the ships and then cruise to Portland and welcome the sailors to town.

Years later one of my sons joined the Jackson Middle School band. As a parent volunteer I got to help as I marched along in the Junior Parade.

I finally got to sit and watch when my son Aaron marched for Wilson high school, carrying on the tradition of festival participation!

~Jackie Bacharach Lesch



My Prince Sammy 1962

My husband and I enjoyed your memories! My husband came across the article once in a google search. He excitedly led me to read it.
I have to tell you that I had the best Prince in the whole court. He was a gentleman to the core. How are you?
The Rose Festival was a treat a minute. I personally appreciated the opportunities for growth that we experienced. The sharing and celebrating of Portland with others was exciting and happy times. I pray that people of Portland always continue to celebrate our beautiful city of Roses!I can get a giggle in the fact that I can remember my speeches to this day!

1962 Jr Princess Lori Jeans Garber