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ani, glitter

Her Scout Group and the Junior Parade of 1964

Today I watched the Grand Floral Parade on TV and especially enjoyed folks sharing their past memories. Mine are so vivid I didn't need to get out my scrapbook (photo album), but I did, even so.

Many pages are filled with newspaper photos from The Oregonian of my Girl Scout's troop involvement in the Junior Parade.

Our entry was a BIG DEAL, because grade school students on the Southwest side of Portland were never involved in the East side parade in those days. Sure, there were Junior Princesses chosen, but they were sponsored by Booster Clubs. When I contacted the Rose Festival office at the time, I learned our Scout float would be a FIRST from District 8!

Our troop invited neighboring Scout troops and their siblings to join us in the fun as we prepared to participate in the Junior Parade. The Rose Festival theme that year was 'Between the Bookends,' so the girls designed and decorated their own float, incorporating their book merit badge -- in keeping with that year's theme.

All the children were asked to dress in costumes representing their favorite book. Some really creative kids even went to Alpenrose Dairy to borrowed small farm animals! We had 'Little Bo Peep' and her sheep and 'Heidi' and her goat! My son got a large box from a local appliance store and made it into the "The Little Engine that Could.

All the kids had the experience of a lifetime, and I have these great memories --not to mention all the ribbons and first class awards the Scouts won!

~Joan Woolard