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ani, glitter

Helping Decorate the Hillsboro Float Plus Years of Marching In and Viewing the Grand Floral Parade

When I was a little girl back in the 1940's, my family always drove from Hillsboro to Portland to see the Grand Floral Parade. My father worked in the Failing building, which was located right on the parade route. First we'd go to his office, then we'd find the best place on the street nearby to watch the parade.

There were four children in our family, so it must have been quite an effort for my mother to get us all ready and keep us together!

I remember how much we appreciated the fact that all the floats were decorated with real flowers. One year we helped place flowers for the city of Hillsboro float.

During my four years in high school I marched and played as a member of the Hilhi band over the long route of the Grand Floral Parade. Once when it rained the entire time we were marching our uniforms ended up making our shirts turn blue -- and our hats stretched completely out of shape!

We didn't carry water bottles in those days, so when generous donors gave us Portland Punch to drink after the parade it was wonderful!

~Carolyn Wilcox Snyder