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ani, glitter

He Dressed Like a Girl to Perform for the 1949 Rose Festival

I was in the 1949 graduating class of Benson high school. Somehow our gym class of about 100 students was selected to dance during the crowning [Coronation] of the Queen at the old ball park [Multnomah Stadium] that's now PGE Park.

They had us do a square dance where we were all dressed up as Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae [of Li'l Abner comic fame].

We practiced during gym class for about a month or more and went to a place in Southwest Portland to have our clothing custom-fitted.

The park was overflowing with people and the dance went over really well.

I had to dress like a girl and I didn't like it -- until we got done and I saw how much the people watching liked the show!

~Frank Wagner