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ani, glitter

She Has Memories of Many Rose Festival Parades

My mother and I watched the Grand Floral Parade together in the 1940's, and she told me that I liked all the bands and their music.

Later, in the 1960's, the Queen's Coronation was held in the Multnomah Ball Park [Stadium] (now PGE Park). I remember that the princesses dragged their long dresses in the mud.

The Starlight Parade was fun and exciting, with the Blue Mountain boys shooting their cannons.

The Merrykhana Parade was fun. Water was squirted from the floats, and the crowd squirted water back.

In the 1960's my high school teacher, Mr. Michael Rumpakis, was a Royal Rosarian. I remember that when Neil Goldschmidt was mayor, he used to walk the parade route with his wife Margie.

The Children's Parade [Junior Parade] was meaningful, with all the Junior princesses. My neighbor Sherrie Bobsen was a Princess, and Mickey Mouse was Grand Marshal one year.

To celebrate the 100-year of the Rose Festival, I have tickets for my entire family.

~Janet C. Effinger