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ani, glitter

The 1955 Junior Parade, the Measles, and My Cat...

The year was 1955. I was seven years old and lived at NE 63rd and Sandy.

Excitedly I decorated my doll buggy with crepe paper and tucked in my favorite baby doll -- I was ready to join the other children in the annual Junior Rose Festival Parade.

Much to my surprise, I won a prize!

The piece of paper said that I had won a CAT! I remember pushing my buggy for the entire route of the parade, happy and feeling warm. When I got home from the parade, my mother took one look at me, felt my forehead and put me to bed!

The doctor confirmed that I had measles.

But I didn't care. Lying in a darkened room, I had feverish dreams of my new cat... It would be warm, cuddling, soft and all mine to play with and love. Marching in the parade was worth it. Being very sick was worth it.

My father went to pick up my new friend. You can imagine a little girl's disappointment when I learned that the CAT I had won was an office product with a wire back to hold mail and a pen for a tail!

~Donna Shackelford