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10:04 am: Waltzing as a Rose Festival Event (Circa 1985)
10:22 am: Memories of the Grand Floral Parade -- Riding on Horseback in 1998
11:04 am: Big Heads in the 1948 Junior Parade
12:36 pm: The 1955 Junior Parade, the Measles, and My Cat...
01:38 pm: Rose Festival Lover
02:02 pm: Love on the Tide at the Rose Festival (1967)
02:53 pm: A Chinese Memory of Rose Festival
02:59 pm: Raining Coins at Rose Festival
03:06 pm: Riding on the Girl Scout Float in 1966
03:28 pm: Not Saving Space Again at the Grand Floral Parade
03:30 pm: Graduation Year -- and My Friend Queen Jen
04:22 pm: A Memorial Year as a Rose Court Member (1948)
04:37 pm: Serving as a Princess on the 1958 Court
05:11 pm: A Fixture in Our Lives -- The Rose Festival
02:42 am: 'Jack Be Nimble,' Marilyn Be Quick!
03:05 am: A Tradition of Grand Floral Parade Float Riders
11:05 am: We Were Winners in the 1951 Junior Rose Festival Parade
11:50 am: A Great Friendship -- Thanks to Rose Festival!
12:15 pm: Twirling in the Junior and Grand Floral Parade in the 1950's
12:29 pm: Small Town Marchers in the 1961 Grand Floral Parade
12:43 pm: My Memories of Rose Festival Through the Years
01:02 pm: Trying Out for the Junior Court in 1954
01:10 pm: Serving as Queen during Rose Festival's Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1983
01:49 pm: Kicking Off 'Summer Fun' with the Rose Festival
02:15 pm: The One More Time Around Again Marching Band -- and My First Baton!
02:50 pm: Watching the Grand Floral Parade on the Burnside Bridge with our Extended Family
03:17 pm: The Cavemen of the 1953 Grand Floral Parade
03:20 pm: My Portland Rose Festival Memories
03:29 pm: Thanks for the Smelling Salts!
03:29 pm: One of My Rose Festival Memories -- the Queen's Coronation
04:37 pm: Memories of a 1974 Rose Festival Princess
04:50 pm: Romance with a Canadian Sailor -- Thanks to the Rose Festival
05:21 pm: Rose Festival -- An Important Part of My Life
05:30 pm: Going Door-to-Door For Flowers to Decorate Floats
05:37 pm: My Rose Festival Scrapbook Collection
05:46 pm: Engaged During Rose Festival 2005
05:55 pm: Memories from 1960 Rose Festival Princess Barbara Bennett Peterson
06:36 pm: Rider on a 1907 Float
06:51 pm: Riding a Float and Dancing for the Queen's Coronation in 1934
07:09 pm: Parade Memories from Vancouver and Battle Ground, Washington
07:23 pm: Mother's Fascination with the Rose Festival Court
04:06 am: 40 Plus Years of Grand Floral Parade Viewing by Our Family and Friends
12:51 am: The 1952 Junior Prime Minister and Riding on the Sweepstakes Float
05:56 pm: Little Girl Not Thrilled to Win a Boy's Prize at 1958 Junior Parade
06:22 pm: Rose Festival a Part of Her Life Since Birth
02:33 pm: Marching in Rose Festival Parades
07:11 pm: Serving as Junior Princess in 1965 Was a Highlight of Her Life
10:22 pm: Haven't Missed a Year -- Parades are a Family Tradition
10:03 am: Playing the Band Wasn't Cool -- Or Was It?
06:10 pm: Has Attended the Parade Forever
10:03 pm: Like Father, Like Son? Service is a Family Tradition - 1 comment
10:38 pm: Dad Rode in the Grand Floral Parade
10:10 am: The Junior Parade in the 1950's and 60's
10:15 am: Her Grandfather Rode in the Grand Floral Parade
10:26 am: Mom was Junior Queen in 1938
10:37 am: 86-year-old Mom is a Battle Ground Float Volunteer
11:11 am: Serving as Prince Sammy on the 1962 Junior Court
11:20 am: Mom was a Grand Floral Parade Flag Bearer in the 1950's
11:46 am: She Was Queen for the 50th Anniversary of Rose Festival in 1958
11:58 am: She Gave Many Volunteer Hours to the Rose Festival Over the Years - 1 comment
01:55 pm: Remembering Court Director Bob Hanzen and Serving on the 1961 Court
05:58 pm: We Fell in Love After Meeting at the Rose Festival
06:32 pm: Her Scout Group and the Junior Parade of 1964
06:42 pm: Her Mom Rode in the Grand Floral Parade in 1934
06:50 pm: Helping Decorate the Hillsboro Float Plus Years of Marching In and Viewing the Grand Floral Parade
07:20 pm: An Eastmoreland 'Extended Family' Viewing the Grand Floral Parade
08:52 pm: Serving as a Princess on the 1958 Court and Looking for Her Fellow Princesses