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01:49 pm: In the 1940's His Aunt Was Junior Court Chaperone and He Was Crown Bearer
03:19 pm: Attending the Navy League Ball in 1956
07:28 am: He Dressed Like a Girl to Perform for the 1949 Rose Festival
07:31 am: Memories of Watching the Merrykhana Parade - 1 comment
07:37 am: She Has Memories of Many Rose Festival Parades
07:54 am: The 1971 Court and Their 'Baggy' Nylons
08:16 am: She Was the Jefferson Princess in 1934
08:26 am: She Went to her First Junior Parade in 1936
08:39 am: She Was a Princess in 1958
08:46 am: Her Favorite Rose Festival Memories as a Junior Court Member
08:56 am: She Was on the Junior Court in 1939
09:00 am: He Marched in the Grand Floral Parade in 1925 and '26
09:16 am: She Was Queen in 1938
09:25 am: She Was Queen in 1971
09:32 am: Born and Raised in Portland, She Has Tons of Rose Festival Memories
09:40 am: She Was Queen in 1979 and Her Sister Was Queen in 1969
09:48 am: Roosevelt Princess of 1981 Remembers the Knighting Ceremony
10:08 am: She Had 'Front Row Seats' for the Grand Floral Parade at Her Grandfather's Downtown Bakery
10:21 am: Her Mother Was the 1938 Princess from Roosevelt - 1 comment
12:18 pm: Chewing Gum As She Marched in the Starlight Parade
12:59 pm: She Was the Independent Princess in 1977
05:09 pm: Her Daughter Was a Junior Princess in 1980
05:35 pm: Jayne Mansfield Blew Him a Kiss in 1966 and Wife Penny Finally Gets to March in 2001
07:10 pm: She Was a Princess on the 1959 Court
07:12 pm: She Wore Out Her Boots Marching in the Grand Floral Parade
07:19 pm: She Was Junior Queen in 1982 and Princess from Parkrose in 1991
07:28 pm: They View the Grand Floral Parade Every Year and the Moms Hold Down the Fort
08:02 pm: Her Daughter Rode Her Horse Jingles in the 1981 Grand Floral Parade
08:19 pm: A Princess in 1941, She Traveled to Both Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., Canada
08:57 pm: Both She and Her Husband Were Portland Rose Society Presidents
09:17 pm: He Woke to the Grand Floral Parade Just Outside His Window
09:31 pm: She Was in the Junior Parade in 1914
09:51 pm: He Was a Benson 'Courtesy Driver' for the 1958 Rose Festival
10:27 am: His is a Rose Festival Family
10:50 am: Her Mother Was Junior Queen and her Sister Was a Junior Princess
11:27 am: She Was Junior Princess in 1952 and has Loved Rose Festival All Her Life
11:23 am: She Was a Princess in 1975
02:01 pm: Her Annual Vacation was a Week of Camping Out on Portland Streets to Save Her GFP Viewing Location
07:00 pm: He Remembers the Year the Mountain Blew (1980)
12:46 pm: In the Late 1960's She and Her Brother Enjoyed Parade Watching and Attending the Fun Center
12:57 pm: Her Octogenarian Friend Was One of the Founders of the Junior Parade
01:53 pm: He is the Centennial Prime Minister of the Royal Rosarians
02:11 pm: She Made Purses for the Junior and Senior Rose Festival Courts in the early 1970's
02:38 pm: He Was a Benson Driver in 1952
07:19 pm: He and His Grandma Submitted the Theme for the Rose Festival of 2000
08:35 pm: She Was a Princess During World War II (1943)
08:27 am: She Was Connected to the Festival and Home While Visiting New York City
10:42 am: She's Always Loved the Royal Rosarians and is Now the Royal Scribe
11:44 am: She Was Junior Queen in 1947 & Later Worked for the Portland Rose Festival Association for 15 Years
04:09 pm: Her Float Won First Prize in the 1961 Junior Parade
05:28 pm: She Began Her Wedding Day by Attending the Grand Floral Parade
09:09 am: In 1938 She was Snow White in the Grand Floral Parade