May 23rd, 2007

ani, glitter

She Was Connected to the Festival and Home While Visiting New York City

In 1960 my father passed away. Then in 1961 my mom took my brother and me on a cross country trip. While we were gone the Coronation took place and Linda Fuqua from Cleveland was chosen Queen. We read the news in the papers in New York City. I was atttending Cleveland and felt connected to the festival and my home even though I was three thousand miles away...

In the 1950's and 60's a few youth organizations were permitted to have floats in the Grand Floral Parade. My Jobs Daughters group was one of these few. We had little or no money to decorate a float, so we made late night trips to Mt. Tabor to remove the roses growing there and place them on the float. I've always been sure those flowers preferred being seen by thousands of parade watchers rather than just hanging out at Mt. Tabor.

~Linda Rasmussen