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03:11 pm: Grandma Rode in the Parade in the 1990's and He Was Junior Prince in 1964
07:23 am: She Was the Marshall Princess in 1977
09:52 am: He Was a 1939 Junior Court Prince
10:17 am: She Remembers 1968 Queen Maggie from St. Mary's Academy
09:57 am: A Princess in 1965, She Rode a Court Float that Had to be Towed
12:07 am: Her Mother Was on the 1929 Court
09:33 am: She Was 'Grumpy' in 1938 on a Float in the Grand Floral Parade
12:25 pm: She Met Grand Marshal Pat Boone in 1976
04:16 pm: In 1927 her Mother was the First Junior Queen
06:09 pm: Her Friend's Mother was a Big Rose Festival Fan