June 7th, 2007

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A Princess in 1965, She Rode a Court Float that Had to be Towed

Our 1965 Rose Court rode in beautiful convertible automobiles -- and when we drove through downtown Portland or in nearby communities the drivers would put the car tops down and we would sit up on the back of the car with our feet on the seats and wave to everyone on the streets! We were our own parade!

Also, we would give each other nicknames. In 1965, hairstyles were well lacquered with hairspray. One afternoon, when we were in speedboats racing across Lake Oswego, I looked over at one of the princesses who wore the perfect 'flip' hairstyle -- and not a hair was moving! So her new nickname became 'Cement Head.'

One princess wore those popular huge 'Jackie Kennedy' sunglasses and was nicknamed 'Fly Eyes' -- which became an hysterically funny moniker when I looked over at her during an outdoor photo session and discovered a dead fly caught in her lip gloss!

Our court was very much in love with our President's wife, our chaperone and our wardrobe lady. Because we all dressed in the same outfits, we honored them as part of our court by buying them one of our favorite outfits, a pink knit sheath from Jantzen.

Barbara and the 1965 Court
Barbara and the 1965 Court riding their towed float down the parade route

Our '65 Court float broke down half-way through the Grand Floral Parade -- and we were towed the rest of the way . . . in style!

~Barbara McGrew Bergreen (Washington high school, 1965)