June 8th, 2007

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Her Mother Was on the 1929 Court

In 1929, representatives from each of Portland's then seven high schools rode on a float in the Rose Festival Parade. My mother was one of those girls, and she rode on the float representing Grant High School.

In 1930, her father (and my grandfather), Roy O. Burnett, was the Prime Minister [of the Royal Rosarians]. He initiated the concept of having a 'Princess' from each school -- and that the Rose Festival Queen would be selected from among these Princesses. He believed this would get the young people of the city involved in the Festival, as they supported and cheered for their princesses.

It was an idea that took hold and has lasted until the present –- 77 years!

Here are two pictures of that first float carrying representatives from Portland's high schools. My mother is in the center of this picture. Her name at that time was Gail Burnett.

1929 court float

In this second photo you can see 'our high schools' written on the side of the float.

1929 court float

Mother is still living today and is 95 years old.

~Jeanne Schoel