June 27th, 2007

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In 1927 her Mother was the First Junior Queen

My mother, Dorothy Howell, was the first Junior Queen, crowned at Grant Park back in 1927 when she was 12. Her mother (my grandmother) made both the crown and her dress for the festivities.

From listening to my mother's stories, evidently they went 'door to door' to get votes for the position of Queen! I have both my mother's and grandmother's photo albums that contain pictures from The Oregonian taken of my mother and the court at Grant Park.

My mother grew up in the Hollywood District in a house that still exists right off 45th and Sandy. It was the first house built on that street.

Mother attended Grant high school and went on to the University of Oregon where she graduated with a music major.

~Nancy Shetterly
ani, glitter

Her Friend's Mother was a Big Rose Festival Fan

I've helped out with the Grand Floral Parade for many years. Each year I'd get an extra hat and pin -- usually reserved for volunteers -- to give to Mrs. Larson, the mother of my friend, Lynda. I also got her a video so she could see the parade whenever she wanted.

Mrs. Larson passed away in January of this year. She would have been 97 in April.

I sent a bouquet of her favorite flowers –- roses, of course! Lynda wrote to thank me, saying the following:

"I used one of her hats with all the pins on the table of memories. Thank you for making that such an important event. When we cleaned out her room the VCR had the tape of the rose parade [Grand Floral Parade] in and it had not been ejected -- so she had just watched it at bedtime."

Thank you both [Marilyn and Charlie] for helping me to brighten the life of a special woman!

~Jackie Maxwell