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04:42 pm: She Was a Junior Princess in the Early 1950's
06:09 pm: She Was the Official Junior Court Singer in the late 1940's and early 1950's
09:24 am: He Has So Many Memories from the Past 63 Years
09:51 am: She Called the Royal Rosarians Little Men in White Suits
10:05 am: Her Theme 'Set Sail for Fun' Won in 1988
10:17 am: He Was a Success Selling Ice Cream for the 1959 Grand Floral Parade
10:24 am: Rose Festival Has Given Her and Her Family a Lifetime of Thrills and Excitement
10:37 am: He Posed with Cowboy Grand Marshal Hopalong Cassidy in 1951
11:22 am: She Took Her Grandmother and Great-Uncle to the 1987 Grand Floral Parade
11:39 am: He Can Recall the First Time He Saw the One Time Around Again Marching Band
11:52 am: She Rode on a Bluebird Float in the Grand Floral Parade
12:24 pm: He Was One of the Last Benson Drivers in 1988
12:35 pm: Watching Her Dad During the Grand Floral Parade Inspired Her
02:50 pm: As a Floral Designer She Helped Work on Grand Floral Parade Floats
04:27 pm: She Saw Heck Harper Riding in the Grand Floral Parade
07:34 pm: She Rode Without Her Glasses as a 1977 Wasco County Fair Princess
08:15 pm: She and Her Family Have Been Involved in Many Parts of Rose Festival
02:49 am: She Was a Junior Court Flower Girl in 1950
07:36 pm: She Was a Golf Ambassador for the Rose Festival
08:07 pm: She Met Her Future Husband While Serving as a Navy Hostess in 1988
08:51 pm: She Was Junior Queen in 1972 - 1 comment
04:54 pm: Her Mom is an Unofficial Rosarian Who Loves Portland
05:03 pm: A Jefferson High School Graduate, She Rode Her Horse in the 1954 Grand Floral Parade
05:43 pm: Her Mother Helped Her Become a Majorette and March in the Junior Parade
09:14 pm: She Was on Franklin High School's Rose Festival Court in 1954
11:54 am: She Would Ride the Last Two Blocks of the Grand Floral Parade Each Year
12:13 pm: She Met Her Husband During Rose Festival
04:56 pm: In 1961 She Was a Finalist in a Contest for Girls Who Wished They Could Princesses
03:56 pm: The Day Music Company Has Always Been Tied to the Rose Festival
06:36 pm: She Met Her Royal Rosarian Husband at the Grand Floral Parade in 1971
02:52 pm: Her Sorority Sister Was Born in June 1907 and Was a Rose Festival Fan
02:57 pm: He Rode in the Grand Floral Parade as President of the Buffalo Soldiers
03:32 pm: She Was Rose Festival Princess in 1951
03:59 pm: She Was the Roosevelt High School Princess in 1962
04:10 pm: As City Commissioner He Rode in the Starlight Parade
04:26 pm: Her Mother Rode the Polish Community Float in 1930