July 16th, 2007

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Her Mom is an Unofficial Rosarian Who Loves Portland

In the early 1970's, Mom would load my brother and I in the stroller and
head downtown for the Grand Floral Parade.

One year a float lost its steering and almost hit me. It was very exciting! Mom is an unofficial Royal Rosarian, always reminding us of how great Portland is. She always wanted to live in Portland since she was a little girl in Ontario, Oregon. Once she got here, she never wanted to live anywhere else. We have scoured the counties together looking for the Rose Medallion and learned more trivia in the process. Mom's a walking example of the 'Pride of Portland.'

~Jolene Hustead
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A Jefferson High School Graduate, She Rode Her Horse in the 1954 Grand Floral Parade

It was 1954. Queen Jan Markstaller reigned and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were Grand Marshals of the Grand Floral Parade. I graduated from Jefferson high school that year and rode my beautiful chestnut mare 'Palatine Co-ed' in the parade.

What a memory!

I wore a pale blue western outfit, trimmed in pale pink lace that had been custom made for a beautiful rodeo queen from Portland -- and an earlier Jefferson graduate -- Beverly Owens.

We both kept our horses at the Columbia Hunt Club on Hayden Island, where there were 2500 acres of riding trails, an indoor arena and a pack of foxhounds, used for the occasional fox hunt.

~Phyllis Caine Moretz
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Her Mother Helped Her Become a Majorette and March in the Junior Parade

When I was a little girl I really wanted to be a majorette, so my mom signed me up with the Oregon Journal Juniors Majorettes.

We all practiced for months to prepare for the Junior Parade. It must have been close to fifty years ago! Our costumes were adorable, all special made including white boots with tassels.

We had clear ponchos in case it rained and it did. We all had real batons and when the music started suddenly we were Majorettes, marching in the Rose Festival's Junior Parade!

What a thrill!

Gloria Lohman is a marjorette!

It was such an honor and is a great memory. I think I trained and marched for at least three years. I still have one of my costumes packed away somewhere, and I beam all over thinking how lucky I was to have a mom who made me into a majorette -- even if only for a few years.

The memory will last for a lifetime!

Happy One Hundred years to Rose Festival.

Gloria (Lohman) Hammer (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
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She Was on Franklin High School's Rose Festival Court in 1954

In times past, the Rose Festival Princess selection in the high schools was an honor and a time of celebration. [Each school would have a Rose Festival court, comprised of students who were competing to become the Princess representative.]

Janet Goodrich of Franklin high school in 1954
Pictured are Darlene Snodgrass, escort Peter Wiley, Janet Goodrich and escort Robert Hastings

This photo shows two of the members (including me) and their escorts from the Franklin high school Rose Festival court of 1954.

The affair was held in the bowl of Franklin high school. Court members were in gowns and escorts in white dinner jackets. At Franklin we were paraded around the bowl in new 1954 Ford convertibles.

~Janet K. (Goodrich) Hastings