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ani, glitter

She Went to her First Junior Parade in 1936

I have two very warm and exciting memories of the Junior Parade.

I was a very excited ten-year-old in June of 1936. Mother gave me permission to pick some of the lovely roses around our Rose City home. These roses were exactly what I needed to decorate my bicycle so I could ride down Sandy boulevard in the Junior Parade. Mother made me a red, white and blue dress, cape and hat out of bunting material, a perfect complement to my rose-studded bicycle.

The perfect end to that perfect parade was being awarded a green etched-glass serving dish!

Twenty-nine years later, in 1965, I was the proud mother of my ten-year-old son, who served as Junior Prince for the Eastport area. Along with my husband and wonderful volunteers, we constructed and decorated a most unique float for my son and his Junior Princess to ride on in the 1965 Junior Parade.

~Mrs. Eleanor Bittner