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ani, glitter

Rose Festival Lover

My name is Linda and I was raised in Hillsboro, Oregon.

I've always loved the Rose Parade and used to wish I could be a Rose Festival Princess, but I knew I would someday graduate from Hillsboro High School -- which was, of course, not in the Portland School District.

I'd make crowns out of tin foil like the one the Queen was crowned with and would take a rose from my parents garden and tie it to the plant stem cutter and pretend it was my sceptor! I had a great time pretending to be the Rose Festival Queen.

If any princess had the name Linda, I would hope she would be chosen the Queen of Rosaria!

Later as a teenager in the early-to-mid '70s, I marched in both the Grand Floral Parade and Starlight Parade as member of the Hillsboro High School Spartan Band -- I played the clarinet and loved marching in the parades! (More than once the Hillsboro Band won the award of "Best in State Band.")

I now live in Milwaukie and my son has marched in the Starlight Parade as a trumpet player in the Milwaukie High School Mustangs band. The tradition continues -- and I'm happy to be alive to see the 100th Anniversary of the Rose Festival!

~Linda (Takalo) Duffy