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ani, glitter

She Was on the Junior Court in 1939

As close as I can figure, I must have been about nine years of age and in the third grade -- and it must have been the summer of 1939, just before the war years. All I remember about qualifying for the honor was they were looking for girls who were under three feet tall. I was blonde with naturally curly hair, which I wore in corkscrew curls halfway down my back.

Our gowns were a lovely sea or spring green, with flounces all the way down the skirt and black velvet ribbons for belt and streamers. We also wore a float pancake hat in matching green, with a black bow on top and black velvet streamers -- and we each carried a small straw basket filled with rose petals that were to be strewn along the route. (All of which had to be returned following the parade.)

As far as I can remember, we either started or ended up in the Grant High School bowl -- I honestly don't remember which.

I was attending Rigler Grammar School on 54th and Prescott, which was just on the edge of town at that time. My maiden name was Eve Ruth Jones. I moved to Alaska in 1963 and have been here ever since. But I still have a sister who lives in Molalla, and she keeps up to date on Festival happenings!

Thank you for your interest, and I wish the Rose Festival a bright and rosy future!

~Eve Ruth (Jones) Collais