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ani, glitter

She Was Queen in 1979 and Her Sister Was Queen in 1969

My Rose Festival memories began in 1969, when my sister Rhonda was chosen Queen. For the next ten years I was asked, "Are you gong to be Queen like your sister?"

I could never have hoped to fill such an accomplishment, but somehow I was bestowed the honor of being Marshall's second Queen. The theme in 1979 was 'World Records on Parade,' and my sister and I set a record by each having the opportunity to wear the Royal Crown! I got to knight Hank Aaron at the knighting ceremony that year. I was also the very lucky recipient of wonderful trips to Pasadena, Michigan, Alaska and Japan.

A great thrill was actually riding a horse in the Pendleton parade. (I was an equestrienne at the time and no queen had ever ridden a horse before in the parade!)

I could write a book of fabulous memories --- so thankfully, I'm running out of space. Being part of the Rose Festival -- that's a memory to cherish.

~Rochelle Teeny (1979 Queen)