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ani, glitter

She Had 'Front Row Seats' for the Grand Floral Parade at Her Grandfather's Downtown Bakery

My Grandfather, William Rosumny, owned the Star Bakery, located in the Farmers Market (on Third and Yamhill), which was on the parade route each year. My aunt, Annette Levin, worked at the bakery, and early in the morning the day of the parade, she and my Grandfather would put out wooden bread boxes on the street in the front of the bakery for my sister, her children and me to sit on for the Grand Floral Parade.

We always had front row seats!

Of course Papa would bring us out treats from the bakery to help 'sustain' us through the parade.

When I was a teenager I'd still go the parade, but I'd take the bus downtown. Even then the boxes were waiting for us -- as were the cookies!

Once I'd moved to California I'd still try and come back with my kids to see the parade in June. Now I live here again and now I take my grandchildren to the parade.

However, we don't have the luxury of those 'front row seats' in front of the bakery and have to hunt for a nice place to sit!

I always think fondly of my Grandfather on Grand Floral Parade day...

~Trudi Schnitzer Stone (Tualatin, Oregon)