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ani, glitter

She Wore Out Her Boots Marching in the Grand Floral Parade

I'm a graduate from Franklin high school, class of 1946. What wonderful years those were, even though there was a war going on.

I wasn't lucky enough to be Princess, but I was a nominee from my school that year. Our Princess was Marilyn Anderson. Instead, I was a majorette with our Franklin high school band for a couple of years. I can remember wearing out a pair of boots in the parade each time I marched!

I absolutely loved high school. I was involved with anything I could find, including City Council, Pentathlon, A.G.S. Council and Rally Squad. These were the best years of my life, or as we senior citizens like to put it -- "The good old days." We had big bands, U.S.O.'s, saddle shoes and cashmere sweaters. Somehow I just turned 80 and I'd give anything if the children of today could have such a wonderful, care-free life as we had in those days...

Our Grand Floral Parade is one thing that never seems to change. It's like the Energizer battery, it just keeps going and going and going...

Thanks to all of you for keeping it going! Without you -- and your energy -- it would just fade away. I've worked on it myself a few times, so I know what a tremendous job it is.

~Marjorie 'Margie' (Wheeler) Charles (Beaverton, Oregon)