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ani, glitter

Love on the Tide at the Rose Festival (1967)

The year was 1967. The Cold War was raging, the 'hot war' in Viet Nam was not yet to a boil -- and the Rose Festival Fleet numbered over 20 ships.

We were young in years, but on the trailing edge of the pre-hippy generation.

I'd left my ship to see what there was to see along the waterfront. The girl was a beauty [Sharon Leichner] -- and she asked me to get her and her friends on board for a tour...

It turned out she was a junior Girl Scout leader -- with four or five of her young charges in tow! Somehow she managed to dump them with another leader, then joined me to visit a Canadian sail training ship I was interested in. We talked boats. (I'd grown up with sailboats in San Francisco -- she'd grown up with power boats on the Columbia.)

An offer of a home cooked meal turned out to be a TV dinner -- and an evening of passionate youthful groping.

Delivered back to my ship by Rose City Transit (the bus before Tri-Met), I soon left Portland with the rest of the fleet. But just like the old joke about sailors and salmon, I came back.

And I stayed.

Now almost forty years later I still enjoy that beautiful girl, TV dinners -- and occasional passionate groping...

~Jim Sinclair (of Cedar Mill)