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ani, glitter

Her Daughter Rode Her Horse Jingles in the 1981 Grand Floral Parade

I remember the night before so well. We left the ranch at Mayville, Oregon, getting ready for our trip to the Portland Rose Festival.

My daughter, Dodi, was riding her quarter horse Jingles, in the Grand Floral Parade, representing Gilliam County as the 1981 Saddle Club Queen.

Queen Dodi with her quarterhorse Jingles

Dodi's ribbon from 1981

Dodi's favorite meal was my Grandma Perry's 'famous' macaroni and cheese. The recipe made enough for our dinner the night before we left -- plus we had enough left to bring along with us.

We had a camper on our pickup truck, pulling Jingles in the horse trailer. Jingles had never been to the city before and we were concerned how he'd behave crossing the bridge -- but he was a real gentleman!

Our destination was the Portland Race track where we were going to stay all night. The wind blew and the rain came down like we'd never seen before! We had a big bowl of macaroni and cheese before we went to sleep that night at the race track.

The next morning was the big Grand Floral Parade and the weather was just perfect!

Dodi, Jingles and June
Dodi, Jingles and June (inside red circle)

~June Waggoner