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ani, glitter

She Was in the Junior Parade in 1914

The first Rose Festival that I remember was in 1914 (or 1915) when I was eight (or nine) years old and I marched in the Junior Parade on Sandy boulevard. We wore white dresses with full tulle skirts -- the first fancy dress I had ever had -- and I felt like a princess in it. We all carried twigs or branches from which all the leaves had been removed and pink tissue or crepe paper bows were tied to resemble blossoms.

We practiced marching around the Rose City Park Elementary School, which I attended, and as we marched we did calisthenics with the branches. We were drilled by Robert Krohn, who was the Athletic Director of the Portland City Schools for many years.

In those times, the Rose Festival Queen was chosen from businesses or clubs in the city by selling votes on their candidate -- the one who received the most votes would be the one crowned. It began to be quite a political affair which wasn't changed until the late 20's or early 30's when the Queen and her Court were chosen from the high schools as it is now [courts were first selected from high schools in 1930].

I do recall that Frances Kanzler, a high school senior, was crowned June 26, 1932. She was one of the earliest high school queens.

~Janet Graue (born December 27, 1906)