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ani, glitter

In the Late 1960's She and Her Brother Enjoyed Parade Watching and Attending the Fun Center

I have some very fond memories of watching the Grand Floral Parade from Union Avenue, just down from Sears.

My mom was a telephone operator at Sears and usually had to work on Saturdays, which was parade day. She was a widow and money was tight, but my brother and I had some great times watching the parade.

Mom would take us down there early on Saturday morning, spend some time getting us settled in and visiting with the 'strangers' around us, and when it was time for her to go to work she'd leave us there to watch the parade. I was ten and my brother was eight. You could never do something like that is this day and age.

During her breaks, Mom would come down to make sure we were doing okay.

After the parade was over, we'd check in with Mom then walk over to Lloyd Center where the Fun Center used to be held in the parking lot. My mom would give us each $5 and we could make that last all day.

We had the best time!

~Patti Gilbert