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ani, glitter

Her Octogenarian Friend Was One of the Founders of the Junior Parade

An octogenarian and dear friend, Norma McGee, shared this story with me...

Mrs. McGee grew up in northeast Portland in the 1920's, and her father owned a hardware store in the Hollywood district. One year she and 15 other neighborhood children decided they wanted to make their own little parade -- just like the 'big' Rose Festival [Grand Floral] Parade.

So they decorated wagons and bikes, dressed up their pets and themselves and set out along Sandy boulevard. Not a single parent was aware of their activity, but they were stopping traffic and the merchants liked their idea! It was the shopowners who encouraged this into an annual event.

Mrs. McGee lives in Beaverton now and was a founder of the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce.

~Pamela D. Dyer