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ani, glitter

She Was a Princess During World War II (1943)

Mrs. Georgia B. Howe, President of Jane Addams High, announced that we would be again be participating in the Rose Festival -- so choosing a Princess would be in order. I was one of five girls to compete. We each gave a short speech.

I didn't think I had a chance. After the students voted, the five of us were holding our breath. Then our student body president came on stage and announced our new Princess was Phyllis Turner. It was an unbelievably exciting moment for me. I was truly on cloud nine! Back in 1943 there were only nine Princesses selected.

Soon we had our first meeting, with several pictures taken. We met the Rose Festival President, Mr. James Roberts and the chairman, Mr. Ireland, who proceeded to give us information about the coming events.

We had fittings for our outfits which included one suit with hat, shoes, a purse and gloves and a formal evening gown -- both were in light green with a pink shawl.

Pictures were taken by the Gladys Gilbert Studio. The first ones were displayed in windows in the studio and also in department stores. Before the coronation our formal pictures were on display.

The Coronation took place at the amphitheater in Washington Park. Shirley Howard from Commerce High School was selected Queen Shirley II. She was a lovely Queen and we were all very happy for her.

Due to the war [World War II] the parade was cancelled, but this didn't bother us. We were very busy wanting to help with war projects. We visited with boys in the hospitals and welcomed the ones that were home on leave. We visited the Barnes Hospital in Vancouver, Washington. At the U.S.O. we even danced with the boys. Of course, our chaperon Mrs. Browning was with us all the time.

Phyllis, Queen Shirley and Court in 1943
Princess Phyllis with Queen Shirley and Court

We all had a nice time and it was so good to see the boys having a chance to relax.
Queen Shirley -- with all of us watching -- launched the U.S.S. Ephraim W. Baughman ship. It was the 199th ship that was built at the Portland Shipyards.

War Bonds were sold and Victory Gardens were being planted. Our school donated money for the war. We visited Lambert Gardens, where they grew beautiful roses, and Shirley had her footprint placed in cement there. We also attended the gorgeous Rose Show. ('For You A Rose in Portland Grows.')

Meeting in later years

We've been invited to many luncheons and continued to meet several times through the years.

Marilyn Clint and Phyllis Huwa in 2007
Phyllis visits the PRFA office

I would like to thank the 2007 Rose Festival Association (Merilyn Clint and crew), and the Royal Rosarians for inviting me to ride on a float in the 100th Rose Festival Parade. This will be a beautiful and extraordinary experience that I will never forget.

Phooty Wears the Crown
Phooty wearing the royal crown during her visit to PRFA

~Phyllis 'Phooty' (Turner) Huwa, 1943 Princess