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ani, glitter

She Was the Marshall Princess in 1977

I was the Princess for Marshall high school in 1977. It was truly an honor to represent my school and student body for such a great event and celebration. It was also my honor to take the Rose Festival Princesses and chaperones through the Freightliner Truck Assembly Plant where my father worked as Chassis Line Foreman.

We also went to the Old Spaghetti Factory where I then worked as a hostess and had lunch.

I met so many people who were fantastic and fun to be with and I had so many wonderful and exciting new experiences I'll remember forever.

I still keep in touch with most of my Court -- we e-mail each other, send Christmas cards and just generally keep in contact.

I'm very proud to be part of Rose Festival history and have made some wonderful friends!

I want to wish all new and old Princesses and Queens, the Rose Festival Staff and Oregonians the best of luck -- and may the happy spirit of Rose Festival be with you always.

~Annette Bolton-Canham (Marshall Princess, 1977)