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ani, glitter

She Remembers 1968 Queen Maggie from St. Mary's Academy

While reading The Oregonian on March 5, 2007, I noticed that the the photo and caption on page B2 contains an error! The photograph of the Rose Festival Court -- in 'fetching' ski attire, featuring Queen Margaret Mary Huelskamp ('with tiara') -- is a fun flashback to 1968! I remember the year well, as I had just completed my freshman year at St. Mary's Academy (located in downtown Portland).

Queen Margaret -- affectionately known by all of us as 'Maggie' -- had just completed her senior year at St. Mary's - NOT Cleveland High School, as noted in the caption!

In those good old days, an 'Independent' Princess was chosen from several non-Public Portland schools, which included St. Mary's, North Catholic (demolished in a fire in 1970) and Holy Child Academy (now closed). Margaret Huelskamp was the Independent representative from that year -- and the first ever Rose Festival Queen selected from St. Mary's Academy! This seems hard to believe, given the charm and loveliness of St. Mary's girls -- and the longevity of the high school (which was established in the mid-1800's) -- but is a fact.

Traditionally the newly-selected Queen of Rosaria would make a special visit to her alma mater after the Queen's selection to be cheered and honored at an assembly. I remember standing with a mob of happy St. Mary Academy girls outside the school singing a song to the tune of "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" about our new queen. Most of the lyrics we'd made up escape me, but I do remember the ending lines were: "It took a long, long time to get a Queen -- But Maggie got us there!"

There was also 'high drama' during the Queen's selection at Memorial Coliseum, when Maggie dropped her bouquet of roses while making the deep and dramatic curtsy to the audience prior to her speech. The Oregonian carried a large photo of this event which I still have inside my cherished high school scrapbook of 'Important Life Events.'

In spite of her mishap, Margaret Huelskamp went on the become the 1968 Queen from St. Mary's Academy!

~Martha Mangan Younie (SW Portland -- Class of 1971, St. Mary's Academy)