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ani, glitter

Riding on the Girl Scout Float in 1966

In 1966 when I was an eight-year-old brownie scout, my Mom helped me enter a float design contest.

My design won me a ride on the Girl Scout flout! I was very excited. We lived in Astoria, Oregon at the time. The night before the parade my Dad drove my brother Bill and I up to Portland. (My Mom stayed home with the rest of my siblings who were sick.)

I spent a very excited night at my grandparents home. My hair was done up in pin curls. It was hard to sleep. Then we got up very early. My Aunt finished doing my blonde hair in a flip and made sure that my uniform was just right -- everything had to be perfect for the parade!

We got down to the staging area in plenty of time. They placed me on the float and told me to smile. My Dad took a picture of me and my brother Bill standing next to me on the float. By the way, that picture won my Dad a prize! The Float rolled off down the parade route. I smiled my nice happy smile for a very long time. When it was all over my cheeks hurt -- it even hurt to smile.

I had such a great time that ever since then the Rose Festival parade has been MY parade -- and I've rarely missed one!

~Mary Anne Thygesen