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ani, glitter

She Met Grand Marshal Pat Boone in 1976

In 1976, I was a sophomore at Sunset High School -- and marching in my first Grand Floral Parade!

Pat Boone was the Grand Marshal that year. Because this was my first Grand Floral Parade, I was really nervous when we went through the coliseum.

We didn't win the competition that year, but I still had a blast!

The next day my family and I were getting ready to take off from the airport to Denver, when the captain came on and said that the plane had to go back to the terminal. There was a passenger who really had to make the flight.

While we were trying to figure out who this person might be, Pat Boone walked down the aisle past us! Later I got up the nerve to get an autograph from him.

Vickie's copy of The Oregonian signed by Pat Boone
Vickie's copy of The Oregonian signed by Pat Boone

I had a copy of The Oregonian with pictures from the parade the day before, and he gladly signed it. I still have that paper -- a little worn after 32 years!

~Vickie Greco