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ani, glitter

She Was a Junior Princess in the Early 1950's

One of my teachers sponsored me as a Junior Princess in the Rose Festival of 1950 or 1951. I believe I was eight years old at the time -- I'm now going on 65!

I remember being in a carriage drawn by two boys riding with my prince. My costume consisted of a purple and lavender sequined dress, cape and tiara that was ruined by the rain.

I also remember getting up in front of a huge audience in a theater and giving a speech to compete for the Queen's title -- but my voice was not strong enough to reach the back rows of the theater and I lost the competition.

Even though I did not win the title I gained a lifetime of memories. I don't have any pictures of the event, but I still have a picture of my prince and myself out of costume.

My name then was Myrna LaVonne Kragerud.

~Myrna L. Sills (Benton City, Washington)