Rose Festival Stories (rose_festival) wrote,
Rose Festival Stories

Her Theme 'Set Sail for Fun' Won in 1988

One of my many memories of the Portland Rose Festival is from 1970. I
was fourteen years old, and that year I attended the Grand Floral Parade with my next door neighbors.

We went really early so we could be right in front to see everything. I was wearing my favorite yellow shirt and during the parade a clown came right up to me and sprayed purple ink all over it.

I was so mad!

I started watching the parade again, and about ten minutes later I looked down at my shirt and the purple stain was gone! The clown had used disappearing ink. I felt silly and happy at the same time.

Years later in 1988 I entered the Rose Festival theme contest and my entry "Set Sail For Fun" won!

I'll be downtown with my family at Waterfront Park again this June as usual, riding the rides, browsing through the tents, eating carnival treats and having fun.

~Cheryl White
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