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He Was a Success Selling Ice Cream for the 1959 Grand Floral Parade

When I ran into Richard [Rich] Jarvis at the Portland Farmers Market wearing his Rose Festival tee shirt, it made me think about Rose Festivals I attended during my school days in Portland -- especially the parade of 1959.

A friend of my brother who has always had a nose for entrepreneurial opportunities, called to see if I wanted to help peddle ice cream bars at the Grand Floral Parade. I was then a sophomore at Grant high school, so this meant a chance to make some quick cash -- and ride around with John Hanson on a Vespa motor scooter. I'd have settled for either!

As it turned out it was a beautiful day for a parade, and ice cream was just the thing to be selling. I believe the bars came from a facility near 33rd and Belmont.

Anyway, we sold out! It was my first successful retail experience after some earlier attempts to sell lemonade on the corner of 28th and Ainsworth and cold calling for Christmas Cards in August.

This was exhilarating!

Now when we develop our cherry products to sell at the Portland Farmers Market, I always think of that Rose Festival parade in 1959.

~Mike Shadbolt (Co-owner, Cherry Country in Rickreall, Oregon)
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