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He Posed with Cowboy Grand Marshal Hopalong Cassidy in 1951

My heroes always had to be cowboys -- white hats, white horses and 'good guys' riding into the sunset.

The Grand Marshal of the Grand Floral Parade for 1951 was Hopalong Cassidy, riding his horse Topper. Black and white never matched up so good for this wide-eyed kid from the woods!

William Boyd was the real life man behind the character. My Grandfather, Phil Adams, and Boyd were pals. Bill and Phil made a childhood dream come true for this four-year-old. I was photographed posed on the saddle and wearing my Rose Festival best -- little Mickey Lyne!

The picture is now lost, but not the memories of that day. The sun was actually out and it was hot. The weather report way back for the Portland Rose Festival was always, "Rosey Red," according to my grandparents!

I never remember seeing a 'bad' Hopalong movie, but what did a kid like me know? A great deal, according to the 'Legend'!

~Mike Lyne
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