Rose Festival Stories (rose_festival) wrote,
Rose Festival Stories

She Rode on a Bluebird Float in the Grand Floral Parade

In the early 1950's my Bluebird leader entered a float in the Grand Floral Parade. All of us little girls -- dressed up as bluebirds -- sat in a nest, watched over by two little boys posed on a branch, dressed as cats.

This was a homemade float, mounted on the back of a flatbed truck. I remember my parents and all the other parents scouring our neighborhoods for flowers to cover the float. They worked all night to decorate it.

It was truly a magic moment for a 7-year-old -- I still remember riding through the streets, giving the famous Rose Festival wave and holding the red ribbon we won for our category!

~Cathy Matern
Tags: grand floral parade
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