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ani, glitter

He Was One of the Last Benson Drivers in 1988

For years, Benson Polytechnic High School was responsible for providing the escorts/drivers for the Rose Festival Court, helping to get Princesses to various events.

Back in 1988, I (along with other Benson students) was part of the last 'all Benson' team that performed this duty.

After graduating from Benson I served in the Army for twelve years, including during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and Operation Joint Endeavor -- the NATO peacekeeping effort in Bosnia in 1995-96.

After leaving the Army in 2000, I joined the federal government were I currently work with Homeland Security at USNORTHCOM in Colorado Springs.

While our the part of the Rose Festival Drivers in the Rose Festival was relatively minor, it was a proud tradition at Benson high school that dates back many years. I hope you find this story worthy of mention as you celebrate the Centennial.

~Daniel Zuckerman, Benson Class of 1988 (Colorado Springs, Colorado)