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She Rode Without Her Glasses as a 1977 Wasco County Fair Princess

Back in 1977, I was a Wasco County Fair Princess. My girlfriend Annette was Queen and Lori was the other princess. The three of us were invited to ride in the Grand Floral Parade.

As we all lived in The Dalles, we needed a place to stay in Portland. Annette had an aunt and uncle who lived in Lake Oswego and said we could stay with them and keep our horses in their backyard. I'd never been to their house before, so I was unsure if the yard was big or small -- and if was fenced in.

But on the Friday evening before parade day, Anette and I took the horses down to their home. I don't remember if the yard was fenced, but I do recall that they had a big backyard that had trees -- and the horses had lots of grass to eat. We just tied them up so they couldn't get tangled up in each others ropes. I wonder what the neighbors thought? Lori and her mother came down to join us on Saturday morning.

On the Saturday morning of the parade, everyone was saying that I looked better without my glasses, so I ended up riding in the parade without them! Everyone along the route was a blur. At one point a man stood up and called, "Mary, where have you been all my life?" I couldn't see him clearly, so I couldn't tell who he was. To this day I still don't know!

~Mary McCormick Loomis (1977 Wasco County Fair Princess)
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