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ani, glitter

A Memorial Year as a Rose Court Member (1948)

Rain was on the minds of all as the 1948 Rose Festival Celebration approached. The city's water front was the main concern, because the Willamette river was just about to crest over the seawall in downtown Portland.

The decision was made to move the parade route to the east side. The Queen's Float moved down Hawthorne boulevard, as we all tried to look regal wrapped in plastic and holding pink parasols. Yes, we remembered our smiles as we waved to the loyal crowd!

After the parade we attended the luncheon honoring visiting royalty, with our heads wrapped in pink tulle to hide our rollers, as we were off to the Royal Ball that evening!

The rain continued and the Columbia River broke through the dike at Vanport Village causing devastation to all living in the area.

Vanport Flood

I remember working with court members at The Red Cross, helping to reunite family members who were separated. Sharing this special honor with my seven wonderful Rose Festival Sisters was truly rewarding!

We've all stayed in touch for the past 59 years, sharing family and events in our lives.

I've been married for 53 years to a wonderful man and have five wonderful children and seven grandchildren. My husband and two sons have been members of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, so I've lived a life filled with roses and parades. I remember my ride on the Queen's Float -- and I love waving to all the float riders who ride down Colorado boulevard on January 1!

By the way, I'm looking forward to attending the Centennial Celebration!

~Jeanette Houf Moscaret