Rose Festival Stories (rose_festival) wrote,
Rose Festival Stories

A Jefferson High School Graduate, She Rode Her Horse in the 1954 Grand Floral Parade

It was 1954. Queen Jan Markstaller reigned and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were Grand Marshals of the Grand Floral Parade. I graduated from Jefferson high school that year and rode my beautiful chestnut mare 'Palatine Co-ed' in the parade.

What a memory!

I wore a pale blue western outfit, trimmed in pale pink lace that had been custom made for a beautiful rodeo queen from Portland -- and an earlier Jefferson graduate -- Beverly Owens.

We both kept our horses at the Columbia Hunt Club on Hayden Island, where there were 2500 acres of riding trails, an indoor arena and a pack of foxhounds, used for the occasional fox hunt.

~Phyllis Caine Moretz
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