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Her Mother Helped Her Become a Majorette and March in the Junior Parade

When I was a little girl I really wanted to be a majorette, so my mom signed me up with the Oregon Journal Juniors Majorettes.

We all practiced for months to prepare for the Junior Parade. It must have been close to fifty years ago! Our costumes were adorable, all special made including white boots with tassels.

We had clear ponchos in case it rained and it did. We all had real batons and when the music started suddenly we were Majorettes, marching in the Rose Festival's Junior Parade!

What a thrill!

Gloria Lohman is a marjorette!

It was such an honor and is a great memory. I think I trained and marched for at least three years. I still have one of my costumes packed away somewhere, and I beam all over thinking how lucky I was to have a mom who made me into a majorette -- even if only for a few years.

The memory will last for a lifetime!

Happy One Hundred years to Rose Festival.

Gloria (Lohman) Hammer (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
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