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ani, glitter

She Would Ride the Last Two Blocks of the Grand Floral Parade Each Year

Ever since I can remember, my father took my little brother Ryan and me to the Rose Festival's Grand Floral Parade. For me, the most exciting thing to see besides all the horses and floats, was hopping on the side rail of my Grandma and Grandpa Woolf's antique car when they drove it in the parade for many years.

My grandparents drove around all kinds of dignitaries -- Royal Rosarians, former Miss Oregons and the like.

I actually even got to be in the parade for the last 2 blocks, because I'd stand on the rail of my Grandparent's 1915 Overland.

At age 29, I rode in that same car to my wedding.

I've always taken my daughter to the parade, and this year I am taking my second daughter for the first time. I was so sad when the Grand Floral Parade no longer wanted the antique cars to be a part of this magical day for the City of Portland. [For the Centennial Grand Floral Parade, a record number of vintage and antique cars made appearances.]

Thank you for the memories.

~Carmen Woolf Kaczmarczyk (Beaverton, Oregon)