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ani, glitter

In 1961 She Was a Finalist in a Contest for Girls Who Wished They Could Princesses

Back in 1961, there was a contest held by Farmers Insurance and "The Reporter" newspaper. That year the Rose Festival theme was "I wish I were..." The contest was for young girls who wished they could be Rose Festival Princesses.

There was over 1,100 entries -- and I was one of the twelve picked as a finalist.

We had a day of questions and the winners were chosen. I wasn't one of the winners, but I felt like a winner to get that far in the contest. We were given special seats for the parade, and since then the Rose Festival has always been a very special time in my life and the lives of my family.

We're among those who go and set up chairs along the curb -- then the night before one of my daughters goes and saves the spots for us.

Now I'm taking my grandchildren to the parades, no mater what their age.

~Barbara Killian (Salem, Oregon)