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The Day Music Company Has Always Been Tied to the Rose Festival

I work for my family at Day Music Company, and this past January I replaced my uncle as company President. This is a huge change in my life, considering I'm a guitar player -- and Day Music is an 84-year-old piano store! How thankful I am that my family believes in me!

I'm the fifth generation working for the company -- and my son will be the sixth if he chooses to follow me. But what troubled me at first was that I didn't really know my roots. I didn't know where this family -- and our family music store -- came from. My grandfather died when I was in high school, and it was his grandfather who started the company -- so I had my work cut out for me!

I started to dig -- literally -- right in the Day Music's basement. My digging paid off when I found a wealth of historical Day family pictures, newspaper clippings, and more.

I was amazed to find how involved the Day family has been with the Rose Festival organization. I discovered that in 1917 L. Carroll Day wrote the official Rose Festival song entitled, "Flower-Gowned, Forrest-Bound, Rose-Crowned Portland." Eight years later he wrote, "When You Come to Oregon" -- in 1925 this was one of the songs used in the 'learn a song a day' campaign, conducted in connection with the Rose Festival.

Here's a photo of Great Grandfather, L.Carrol Day with the Day Music float in 1925:

L.Carrol Day and Day Music float, 1925

These were just a few of the prizes I uncovered. There are still more that include learning that in 1959 my Grandfather -- Carroll 'Dick' Day -- had become a Royal Rosarian. I even found his Rosarian wicker hat, official acceptance letter of his appointment, and some priceless photos of him accepting this honor. Here's one of those:

Carroll 'Dick' Day, Royal Rosarian

After organizing my findings, I went to my Aunt Dora Graham. She's Dick Day's sister -- and the eldest living Day. She was also a Rose Festival Princess representing Franklin high school back in 1939.

Princess Dora Day

It's been a real treat getting to know my Aunt Dora (Dora Mae Day) and her husband, my Uncle Larry. They've helped me find my past -- and are a constant source of optimism. When I showed her all I'd found, Aunt Dora was ecstatic! We currently have the entire collection on display in the lobby of our newly remodeled auditorium.

~Nathan Day (President, Day Music Company)
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