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ani, glitter

Serving as a Princess on the 1958 Court

Maralyn Griffith - 1958 Princess from Washington high school

I'd like to share my LIST of Rose Festival memories:

1. The shock of being voted to represent my high school [Washington] by my classmates.

2. The wonderful girls I met on the Rose Court!

3. The cheers and shouts of the people on the parade route.

4. It was the Golden anniversary of the Rose Festival, and we wore long Gold beautiful elaborate dresses.

5. Zorro was the parade marshal and there was a constant whirl-wind of activities.

6. The love and support from my High School friends and family.

7. Attending my graduation with a Rosarian escort for only a few short moments to receive my degree with a standing ovation from my classmates.

8. Not fumbling my speech at the Queen's coronation!

9. Wishing that every girl in my class could have been a princess to experience the excitement.

10. In summary, as Bob Hope would say, "Thanks for the Memories" -- they were wonderful!

~Maralyn Griffith Fowler